2006 NJLMSC Fastlane Newsletter Archives

December 2006

First Annual NJ Masters Banquet

History repeats itself for Kiell and Newman

The High Price of Holiday Nibbles

2006 NJLMSC Membership Promotion Campaign

New NJLMSC SCM records set at Colonies Zone and New England Masters meets

Lengle Swims Alcatraz

Avoiding 'Boomeritis' with Exercise

November 2006

Tribute to Marjorie Canavan Toland

Paul Kiell – Author

Wanted: Graphic Arts Designer and Assistant Swim Coach

Brute Squad Postal Event

Duo Completes Inaugural Ederle Swim

USMS 2006 Convention Report

Don Walsh Swims the Isle of Jersey

The North Face Endurance 50

Moderate Exercise May Lower Cold Risk

Fitness May Help Minds Stay Sharp

Walk Away From Colds

September/October 2006

Tribute to Julia Dolce

Cove-to-Cove Swim Winner

2006 FINA Worlds Results

3rd SCM Holiday Classic and Colonies Zone Championships

The Water's Edge - a new book

Walsh swims 'round the Isle of Jersey

Indoor pools may pose danger for young lungs

July/August 2006

One Little Swimmer, One Giant Feat

Rock On Julia!

Avoid Oral Antibiotics for "Swimmer's Ear"

Walsh to raise funds for the Navy Seals

Top Ten FAQs

Summer 2006 Open Water Schedule

Those were the days...or were they?

Colleges Dropping Swim Requirements

May/June 2006

Be the best of whatever you are

Summer Open Water Swimming Schedule

Exercise Trumps Diet for Weight Loss

Training Alone During Your Pool's Lap Swim

Lactic Acid Gets an Image Makeover

With the Wind on Their Backs

NJ Senior Olympics Announcement

April 2006

2005 Relay All-Americans

Green Tea-Drink to your health

Can exercising at night disrupt your sleep?

How much is a dolphin kick worth?

Drills to correct common stroke defects

Membership Contest Update

March 2006

Welcome new New Jersey Masters swimmers

Regular Exercise Means Longer, Healthier Life

New Breaststroke Rule

Her Dream: Family Splits So Girl Can Pursue Olympic Quest

Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink?

Open Water Swimming Clinic Registration Form

JAM Effortless Starts and Turns Clinic Registration Form

Common Stroke Defects and Drills to Fix Them

Membership Contest Update

Jan/Feb 2006

NJLMSC Election Results

Massage Therapy for Swimmers!

March Madness SCY Meet Entry Form

20th Annual Unofficial Team Championship SCY Entry Form

Save the Patapsco Swim