2007 NJLMSC Fastlane Newsletter Archives

November/December 2007

The Fastlane turns 20!

January 2008 Colonies Zone LMSC One Hour Postal Challenge

"Burn off those Holiday Calories" Workout

NJLMSC Logo Contest

New NJLMSC Records/Postal Champions

2007 USMS National Convention Report

Open Water with Mother Ocean

Stretching Won't Prevent Sore Muscles

IDEA Reveals the 25 Most Significant Health Benefits of Physical Activity

October 2007

You might be a swimmer...

New NJLMSC SCY Records at the NJ Senior Olympics

Hair saving ideas for swimmers

Fact of Fiction?  Chlorine in pools can cause hair loss

Chlorine-Infested Waters

Bigger is Better, Except when it's not

Announcing NJLMSC Logo Contest!

Colonies Zone SCM Championships at Rutgers University

September 2007

Keep Pace With This Workout

Ron Medhurst - Swimming his way to good health

NJ Swimmer at Irish National Championships

Manhattan Island "Quiet Swim" II

Adult Swim - Dara Torres

New NJLMSC LCM Records

Nessel Long Course Meet

No Proof Probiotics Aid Athletic Performance

Ocean Swim Benefits Seaside Park Charities

Beat the Blahs

July/August 2007

New NJLMSC SCY and LCM Records

Cardio vs. Weights: The Battle is Over

Lady Liberty Swim

Man Becomes First to Swim at North Pole

Happy News for Fit People

Just Beneath the Surface

What's the Best Time to Exercise?

3000 Yard "Skill" Workout

Good News for Boston Open Water Swimmers

2nd ASUA Pan American Masters Swimming Championships

May/June 2007

New Records from OCY Team Champs and March Madness SCY meets

Little bit of everything workout from Pam Banks

Eating and Exercise: How to find the right mix

What do you eat and drink before you swim?

From Europe, a No-Chlorine Backyard Pool

USA Swimmers Strong at Worlds

My English Channel Swim by Nancy Steadman-Martin (Part 2)

Chlorine and Breathing Problems

April 2007

TWO High School Coaches of the Year (Judy Lee and Bill Reichle)

Workout from Coach of the Year, Judy Lee

Technique Tips: Breaststroke Pulldown

Howard, Mac hold 'Pride' together

Stronger, Faster, Smarter

USA Swimmers Strong at Worlds (Melbourne)

Open Water Swim Clinic Announcement

Stroke Workout by Peter Hockmeyer

Why PM Workouts are Sometimes Best

My English Channel Swim by Nancy Steadman-Martin (Part 1)

March 2007

Boredom Buster Set

Feeling Tired?  Think about this...

21st Annual OCY Unofficial Team Championships

Cigarette Break? (Or I wanna keep up with the big boys!)

Pulling Against Time

How to Succeed in Workouts Without Really Trying

Caffeine May Ease Workout Pain

Smile Away Sickness

Jan/Feb 2007

NJ LMSC Continuous Membership Recognition

Austin Newman's got a new knee

Emily and Matt McKimmy's new baby girl

100 x 100s group photo

Greater leg bone mass for swimmers

Swim like a fish, look like a movie star (swim gear report)

USMS Rules Corner

Power-Boosting protein in muscles declines with age

March Madness SCY meet entry form