2008 NJLMSC Fastlane Newsletter Archives

November/December 2008

Destination Bermuda

Volunteers needed for SWIM program

Nine Ways to Cross a River

Rockin' Holiday Workout by Coach Eric Scheingoltz

2008 USMS Convention Report

October 2008

USMS National Convention (photo)

NJLMSC Annual Board Meeting and Election Announcement

New NJLMSC Records

Halloween Workout by Coach Melanie Fink

Before Hustling to Finish, Relaxed is a Good Way to Start

2008 SCM Colonies Zone Championship Entry Form

September 2008

NJ Open Water Swims (photos)

USMS Rules Corner

Finish Your Race!

Jason Nessel Memorial Meet (photos)

Summer Record Setters

NJ Go The Distance Update

September Tune-up Workout

Coach Ed Nessel was more than a coach to NJ's Olympic gold medalist Cullen Jones, by Arthur Wein

World Records have become expected, nearly meaningless

16 Ways to do a 1650

July/August 2008

USMS One Mile Open Water National Championship

Super Summer Long Course Workout

USMS SCY Nationals Photos

"Swim to Win - Train Like a Champion" Book Review, by Paul Kiell

A Thought in the Timeline by Jerry Katz

America's Top 50 Open Water Swims

Chance for a Clinic with Dara Torres

Everyone Needs a Training Buddy by Nancy Steadman-Martin

Mountain Lakes Doctor worries chlorine induces asthma-like symptoms

A Bruising New Olympic Sport: Open Water 10k Swim

May/June 2009

The Swimmer's Head: A Lesson in Life, by Paul Kiell

New Colonies Zone and NJLMSC SCY Records

USMS SCY Nationals Summary

Oh, The Joy of a First Meet!, by Maribeth Seely

Masters...Competition Without Parental Pressure, by Joy Tsuzuki

Masters Open Water Swim Clinic

Swimmer of the Week - Michael Ciolino

Jason Nessel Memorial Invitational LCM Meet

April 2008

NJ Masters Banquet

Long Distance Workout by Coach Karin

New One Hour Postal Records

New NJLMSC SCY Records

2007 All-Americans

Chocolate Rules

A Swimmer's Different Strokes for Success

March 2008

100 x 100s Recap

"Shake It Up!" Workout by Melanie Fink

New Postal Records

22nd Annual Unofficial Team Championships at OCY

A Long Running Mystery, the Common Cramp

The BETTER Lane Getting Mental - We Love It!

The Man Amongst the SEALS!

Four Minutes to Stronger Muscles

Jan/Feb 2008

Swimming: A Backward Glance by Ike Siskind

February Freestyle Clinic by Bob Hopkins

New Year Workout by Coach Karin

Chlorine Can Be Dangerous

Where do your membership fees go?

Torres is getting older, but swimming faster

2008 OCY Unofficial Team Championships Entry Form