2009 NJLMSC Fastlane Newsletter Archives

November/December 2009
(posted December 3, 2009)
Photos from Sussex County YMCA Mini-Meet on 10/17/09
Annual Board Meeting and Elections
NJ Sure is Going the Distance
Inaugural 15-Minute Postal, hosted by Arizona LMSC
Swimming in it
Rules Corner
"Count Those Strokes" Workout by Coach Pete Hockmeyer
2009 USAS Convention Notes from the NJ LMSC Delegates
A First Hand Look at the Ironman
Does Exercise Boost Immunity?
October 2009
(posted October 15, 2009)
Photos from Tom Wear Memorial Swim
2009 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nominees
Date Change for the Annual Board Meeting and Elections
2009 Masters Clinic Conducted by Three Olympians
NJLMSC Record Setters
Triathletes: Now's the Time to Build Your 2010 Swim
Is Swimming Pool Chlorine Fueling the Allergy Epidemic
Drills for Thrills:  Board Wag
Brain Drain Could Affect Your Workout
Paul Kiell Reviews: The Alpha Solution for Permanent Weight Loss
September 2009
(posted September 15, 2009)
Masters Swimmers Raise Money for Teen Pride Program
Annual Board Meeting and Elections
Looking for contributions for the Fast Lane
A Goodbye to Austin Newman
Hot Summer Records
A Daily Dip in the Deep End Could Add Years to Your Life
Rev it Up Fall Workout by Coach Sue Waldron
Kick Timing with a Musical Beat
Adrift Without a Fast Suit
Tom Wear Memorial Swim Entry Form
July/August 2009
(posted August 3, 2009)
US Masters Swimming Opens National Headquarters
2009 Masters Clinic Conducted by Three Olympians
Arthritis Slows Torres - A Little Bit
Summer Outdoor Programs
Sweet Summer Workout by Coach Melanie Fink
Watermelon...Metabolism Booster
Rules Corner #14
Baby Wrinkles; Leather Faces
Preparing for the Open Water: Training
May/June 2009
(posted June 16, 2009)
Sad News About Austin Newman
Esther Williams Still in the Swim
2009 Masters Open Water Swim Clinic
Dive Into Longevity!
Jotz is Tops at Great Hudson River Swim
Sprinter's Delight Workout by Coach Sue Lawson
USMS Swimwear Interpretation
Jason E. Nessel Memorial Meet Entry Form
April 2009
(posted April 22, 2009)
2009 Annual Awards Banquet
Swim for Food
Author in our Midst - "Olympica" by Philippe Delamare
Somerset County HS Boys Coach of the Year - Ed Tsuzuki
Spring Tune-up Workout by Coach Sue Waldron
New Postal Records/NJLMSC Records
Maryland May Have Michael Phelps to Brag About, but East Brunswick has Jim Dragon
It's All in the Water
What's the Story with the Technical Suits?
Swimming Posture
March 2009
(posted March 23, 2009)
Large Group Swims the 100 x 100s
2008 USMS Postal National Championship Series
"Freestyle Bonanza" Workout by Coach Pete Hockmeyer
Adult Freestyle and Stroke & Turn Clinics at Sussex County YMCA
Two New Workout Groups
It's For Everyone
The Healthiest Fruit in Your Freezer
2008 Continuous USMS Membership Award Winners
2008 Annual Awards Banquet Announcement
Sussex County "Swim Strong-Live Long" SCY Adult Mini-Meet
Jan/Feb 2009
(posted February 2, 2009)
Swimmers Enjoy Devils Game
My Journey Back to Swimming by Julia Buccini
"Winter on the Run" Workout by Coach Jeff Jotz
Exercise Curbs Chocolate Cravings!
Trying to Eat Less Becomes More Important to Fend Off Middle-Age Weight Gain
What is the Value of Swimming?
New NJLMSC Records
2009 OCY Unofficial Team Championships
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